Our firm carries out market research, audit, property valuation and financial modelling.

Our clients are often (but not exclusively) investors, corporate groups or banks.

We offer standard and project specific valuations :

Standard valuations: We identify the market value, mortgage lending value, existing use value or fair value for accounting purposes. We can respond to our clients’ needs at different levels of detail :

  • « Desktop » report: valuation based on immediately available information without inspecting the property.
  • Short report: rental or capital valuation based on immediately available information, interior and exterior inspection and extensive comparable evidence
  • Full report: capital valuation based on full available information, interior and exterior inspection and extensive comparable evidence. In-depth analysis of the market, the current positioning of the property and its potential in the market will be identified



Quality control :

Work undertaken is double-checked by a fellow surveyor (Expert Witness Valuer to the Paris Courts).


 Building Boggis


Project specific valuation

Often a client will want an in-depth analysis from a third party to comfort decisions. We provide reliable and relevant comparable evidence to confirm value creation or latent liabilities (such as technical, fiscal or security costs) either through classical valuation or through our own value measurement system, Property Value Planning.

This could include:

        • Asset management auditing and reviewing including a property management account audit with a chartered accountant.
        • Financial reviews of real estate SPVs including an accounting audit.
        • Business planning (in association with John Drummond of Business Functions, London)
        • Development appraisal (in association with a planning consultant).
        • Portfolio valuation (in association with ImmoG Consulting)
        • Reports can be issued in English, French or German.

All our valuations are in accordance with the RIS Red Book / Charte de l’Expertise en Évaluation Immobilière.

The content, fees and T&Cs for standard and specific valuation reports are shown here